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For any website or business owner, having Google Analytics and similar services are a vital tool to track your website’s data. Unfortunately there are spam bots from many shady organizations that bounce off your website and give you false records in your analytics. Analytics Spam Blocker prevents those spam bots from ever reaching your website leaving your analytics untouched. Subscribe to our free API for regular updates of the blocklist. Stop those sites from affecting your website analytics today!

Help make Analytics Spam Blocker better! Easily report referral spam domains via the reporting tool in Analytics Spam Blocker, you can access the dashboard page in the Tools menu of the WordPress dashboard.


  • Reporting tool
  • Subscription banner
  • Plugin status


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your dashboard.
  2. Search for ‘Analytics Spam Blocker’ in the plugin database and click install.
  3. Activate the plugin when done.
  4. Navigate to Tools > Analytics Spam Blocker in your dashboard for settings and API access.


How does this work?

With the constantly updating blocklist, we are able to filter out the majority of these spam bots by marking them as spam in to your .htaccess file which prevents the spam bots from ever reaching your website.

Why do I need a subscription?

A subscription is optional. But with it’s constant updates is a good way to keep your website statistics free of referral spam. This service is availale exclusively to plugin users.

How does the list get updated?

We’ve developed a unique reporting system where you can easily report suspicious domains. If the domain gets reported a few times it will be included in the blocklist.

Who manages the blocklist updates?

In a way, you do. By reporting new domains. However the system is mostly automated after you send your report. The blocklist service is governed and provided by Arnan de Gans.

I need help with this plugin

Check out my Support Forum or send a message through [Telegram]{}.

This is cool, do you have more plugins?

Yep, check out my website AJdG Solutions.


June 1, 2020
This works much better than trying to maintain and update my own filter list in Google Analytics.
September 14, 2018
Wait for 7 days then check your Referrers for that time people. Spam will be gone for that 7 days. This is to say the old bad Referrers don't go away. But new ones are blocked as they should be.
July 28, 2018
This is a great plugin that has really helped me ensure that my GA stats are real. I've recently started blogging, and I was really excited to see my pageviews go way up in one day, until I realized it was almost all fake. 🙁 As soon as I installed Analytics Spam Blocker, my stats went back to normal. The plugin was easy to install and I had no issues.
July 27, 2017
Works fairly well, but it needs some improvements. Modern Referral spam bots often use 'look alike characters' in domain names, characters from non-western alphabets resembling western characters. The function to report a spam domain however tells that the 'domain name is not valid'. Like for example ḷ.com...
October 14, 2016
I found it completely useless in getting rid of
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Contributors & Developers

“Analytics Spam Blocker” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.9.6 – 25 January, 2021

  • Happy New Year
  • Added News&Update links

2.9.5 – 27 December, 2020

  • Tested to work with WordPress 5.6
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [tweak] Better descriptions throughout the plugin

2.9.4 – 3 August, 2020

  • Tested to work with WordPress 5.5
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [fix] Action link settings no longer opening in new tab

2.9.3 – 10 May, 2020

  • [fix] Dashboard stats
  • [fix] More reliable registration for new users
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks

2.9.2 – 9 September, 2019

  • [fix] Dashboard widgets showing properly
  • [i18n] Updated translations

2.9.1 – 30 August, 2019

  • [i18n] Updated translations

2.9 – 21 August, 2019

  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] WordPress 5.2.2 compatibility
  • [i18n] Updated translation implementation

2.8.1 – 16 June, 2019

  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [fix] Wrong url in plugin links

2.8 – 4 May, 2019

  • [fix] Server communication not working for some people
  • [fix] Registration process more reliable
  • [change] Updated dashboard

2.7.1 – 12 April, 2019

  • [fix] Communication error with the server for some people

2.7 – 30 March, 2019

  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] Various tweaks and improvements

2.6 – 11 December, 2018

  • [change] WordPress 5.0 update
  • [change] Insights in API stats
  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] Uses APIv2

2.5 – 8 July, 2018

  • [change] Compatibility update
  • [change] Updated dashboard
  • [change] More clear error displays if things go wrong

2.4.2 – 17 May, 2018

  • [change] Compatibility update
  • [change] Updated dashboard

= 2.4.1 – 12 December, 2017=
* [change] Re-arranged the dashboard
* [change] Improved compatibility with WordPress
* [change] Api updates

2.4 – 10 June, 2017

  • [fix] Better field sanitizing to better deal with copy&paste behavior
  • [fix] Better domain filtering
  • [fix] Better email handling
  • [fix] No more endless linebreaks in the .htaccess file
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks

2.3 – 14 May, 2017

  • [fix] Dashboard tweaks

2.2 – 19 April, 2017

  • [fix] Dashboard tweaks

2.1.1 – 4 April, 2017

  • [fix] Registration reminder shows up correctly

2.1 – 7 March, 2017

  • [new] Review reminder
  • [new] Registration reminder

2.0 – 3 March, 2017

  • [new] Easily report referral spam domains
  • [new] Dashboard page in Tools menu
  • [new] Daily blocklist updates
  • [change] Restructured the whole plugin

1.8.1 – 5 February, 2017

  • Development taken over by Arnan de Gans