Backup Migration


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Creating a backup of your site has never been easier!

Simply install the plugin, click on “Create backup now” – done.

You can also schedule backups, e.g. define that a backup should be taken automatically every week (or every day/month).

Use a wide choice of configuration options:

  • Define exactly which files / databases should be in the backup, and which not
  • Define where the backup will be stored (as of now, only a local option is available, but we’ll expand this soon)
  • Define what name your backup should have, in which instances you should receive a notification email, and much more

This plugin is all in one solution if you need to migrate your site to another host or just restore the local backup.

Note: This (free) version is limited to backups of 2GB in size. For unlimited sizes, please have a look at the Premium Plugin. The code of this free plugin is licensed under GPLv3, however, we claim rights to other content. Please read the full Terms of Use that touch other points as well and apply in entirety.

If any questions come up, please ask us in the Support Forum – we’re always happy to help!


  • Backup Migration plugin front
  • What will be backed up
  • Backup in progress
  • Backup finished
  • Manage & Restore backups
  • Restoring in progress
  • Restore finished
  • Staging Sites


Admin Installer via search

  1. Visit the Add New plugin screen and select “Author” from the dropdown near search input
  2. Search for “Migrate”
  3. Find “Backup Migration” and click the “Install Now” button.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. The plugin should be shown below settings menu.

Admin Installer via zip

  1. Visit the Add New plugin screen and click the “Upload Plugin” button.
  2. Click the “Browse…” button and select the zip file of our plugin.
  3. Click “Install Now” button.
  4. Once uploading is done, activate Backup Migration.
  5. The plugin should be shown below the settings menu.


How do I create my first backup?

Click on “Create backup now” on the settings page of the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin.

BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging will by default create a backup that contains everything from your site, except the BackupBliss plugin’s own backups and WordPress installation – if you want to include the WordPress installation as well, tick the checkbox in the section “What will be backed up?”.

You can download backup or migrate your backup (use the plugin as a WordPress duplicator) immediately after the backup has been created.

How do I restore a backup?

  • If your backup is located on your site: Go to the BackupBliss Backup Migration Staging plugin screen, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab where you have your backups list, click on the Restore button next to the backup you would like to restore.

  • If your backup is located on another site: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen on site #1, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab where you have the backups list, click on the “Copy Link”-button in the “Actions”-column. Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen on site #2, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab, click on “Super-quick migration”, paste the copied link, and hit the “Restore now!” button. This process will first import the backup and then restore it, i.e. Backup Migrate also serves as backup importer.

  • If your backup is located on another device: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab, and click on the “Upload backup files” button. After the upload, click on the Restore button next to the backup you would like to restore.

  • If your backup is located on Google Drive: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen, then to the plugin section “Where shall the backup(s) be stored?”, turn ON the Google Drive option, and connect to your account. After that, the plugin will sync the available backup files in the plugin section “Manage & Restore Backups” from where you will be able to run Restore.

How do I migrate or clone my site?

Migrate (or clone) a WordPress site by creating a full backup on the site that you want to migrate (clone) – site #1.

  • To transfer website directly from site #1 to site #2: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen on site #1, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab where you have the backups list, click on the Copy Link button in the Actions column. Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen on site #2, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab, click on “Super-quick migration”, paste the copied link, and hit the “Restore now!” button. Make sure that the backup file on site #1 is accessible by setting “Accessible via direct link?” to “Yes” in the plugin section “Where shall the backup(s) be stored?”

  • To migrate the website indirectly: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen, then to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) tab, and click on the “Upload backup files” button. After the upload, click on the Restore button next to the backup you would like to restore.

  • To migrate the website with Google Drive: Go to the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin screen, then to the plugin section “Where shall the backup(s) be stored?”, turn ON the Google Drive option, and connect to your account. After that, the plugin will sync the available backup files in the plugin section “Manage & Restore Backups” from where you will be able to run Restore.

Where can I find my backups?

BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging allows you to download backups, migrate backups, or delete backups directly from the plugin screen Manage & Restore Backup(s). By default, the migrator plugin will store a backup to /wordpress/wp-content/backup-migration but you can change the backup location to anywhere you please.

How to run automatic backups?

Enabling automatic backups is done on the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin’s home screen, just next to the “Create backup now!” button. Auto backup can run on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You can set the exact time (and day) and how many automatic backups would you like to keep in the same BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin section. We recommend that you optimize the number of backups that will be kept according to available space.

How big are backup files?

Backup file size depends on the criteria you select in the “What will be backed up?” section of the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin. There you can see file/folder size calculations as you Save your settings. Usually, WordPress’ Uploads folder is the heaviest, while Databases are the lightest. If you are looking to save up space, you might want to deselect Plugins and WordPress installation folders, as you can usually download those anytime from WP sources.

Is the backup creation and site migration free?

Yes. You can create full site backups, and automatic backups, and migrate your site (duplicate site) free of charge. BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging Pro provides more sophisticated filters and selections of files that will be included/excluded from backups (affecting backup size), faster backup creation times, number of external backup storage locations, backup encryption, backup file compression methods, advanced backup triggers, additional backup notifications by email, priority support, and more.

⭐️ NEW! How to create staging sites?

You can easily set up a staging environment for your website with the BackupBliss plugin. You can choose to create a staging site either on your server / machine or on TasteWP. Both options are free!

  1. To create a staging site on your server, navigate to the plugin section “Create a staging site”, select “Your server & domain”, define a custom path if you wish, and click on the button “Create staging site!”.

  2. To create a stage site on a free WordPress sandbox platform – TasteWP, select the option “TasteWP (external server)”, then select a backup file that will be used, and click on the button “Create staging site!”.

Is cloud backup available?

Backup to Google Drive is now available in the BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging Pro
Upcoming storage options will include: FTP, Amazon S3, Rackspace, DreamObjects, OpenStack, Google Cloud, SFTP/SCP, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Backblaze, and more.

⭐️ NEW! How do I back up to Google Drive?

In order to automatically upload your site backups to Google Drive, you will need a Pro version of the plugin. Once installed and activated, navigate to the plugin section “Where shall the backup(s) be stored?”, and turn ON the Google Drive feature. Click on the button Connect, and select a Google account you want to connect to. Once it is connected, your backup files from the website will start to sync to your Google Drive. You can monitor the process in the plugin section “Manage & Restore Backups”

How are you better than other backup/migration plugins?

Besides having the most intuitive interface and smoothest user experience, BackupBliss – Backup Migration Staging plugin will always strive to give you more than any competitor:
– Updraftplus: They charge for migration, with our plugin it’s free;
– All-in-One WP Migration: In the free version, compared to our plugin – they don’t have selective/partial backups; they lack advanced options and each external storage is on a separate extension plugin; they have no automatic backups;
– Duplicator: In the free version, compared to our plugin – they have no selective backups, exclusion rules, no automatic backups and no migration;
– WPvivid: In the free version, compared to our plugin – they don’t have selective/partial backups, exclusion rules, or automatic backups;
– BackWPup: In the free version, compared to our plugin – they lack restore options, backups are slower, automatic backups are dependant on wp cron;
– Backup Guard: In the free version, compared to our plugin – they have no selective backups, exclusion rules; no direct migration;
– XCloner: Automatic backups are dependant on wp cron; full restore not available on a local server;
– Total Upkeep: They lack the advanced selective backups and exclusion rules, lacks a monthly backup schedule

How to upload my backup file?

Uploading a backup can be simply done by navigating to the Manage & Restore Backup(s) section of the BM plugin (tab on the right side). There you have the “Upload backup file” button, after clicking on it, you need to select a proper backup that is made by this plugin only. You cannot use backups from other plugins (to restore those, go back to those plugins and restore them this way). If you use “Super-quick migration” (section b), your backup will be automatically uploaded. If you are having trouble uploading the backup file, go bac and ensure that the folder designated for backups is writable. You can find the backup destination in the plugin section “Where shall the backup(s) be stored?

Is the plugin also available in my language?

So far we have translated the plugin into these languages:

Arabic: إنشاء نسخة احتياطية واستعادة النسخ الاحتياطية وترحيل المواقع. أفضل مكون إضافي لمواقع الترحيل والاستنساخ!
Chinese (China): 创建备份、还原备份和迁移站点。 迁移和克隆网站的最佳插件!
Croatian: Izradite sigurnosnu kopiju, vratite sigurnosne kopije i migrirajte web-mjesta. Najbolji dodatak za migraciju i kloniranje web stranica!
Dutch: Maak back-ups, herstel back-ups en migreer sites. De beste plug-in voor het migreren en klonen van websites!
English: Create a backup, restore backups and migrate a website. The best plugin for migration and to clone a website
Finnish: Luo varmuuskopio, palauta varmuuskopiot ja siirrä sivustot. Paras laajennus sivustojen siirtoon ja kloonaukseen!
French (France): Créez des sauvegardes, restaurez des sauvegardes et migrez des sites. Le meilleur plugin pour les sites Web de migration et de clonage !
German: Erstellen Sie Backups, stellen Sie Backups wieder her und migrieren Sie Websites. Das beste Plugin für Migrations- und Klon-Websites!
Greek: Δημιουργία αντιγράφων ασφαλείας, επαναφορά αντιγράφων ασφαλείας και μετεγκατάσταση τοποθεσιών. Το καλύτερο πρόσθετο για μετανάστευση και κλωνοποίηση ιστοσελίδων!
Hungarian: Biztonsági másolat készítése, biztonsági másolatok visszaállítása és webhelyek migrálása. A legjobb bővítmény a webhelyek migrációjához és klónozásához!
Indonesian: Buat cadangan, pulihkan cadangan, dan migrasikan situs. Plugin terbaik untuk migrasi dan kloning situs web!
Italian: Crea backup, ripristina backup e migra i siti. Il miglior plugin per la migrazione e la clonazione di siti web!
Persian: ایجاد نسخه پشتیبان، بازیابی نسخه پشتیبان، و مهاجرت سایت ها. بهترین افزونه برای مهاجرت و شبیه سازی وب سایت ها!
Polish: Twórz kopie zapasowe, przywracaj kopie zapasowe i przenoś witryny. Najlepsza wtyczka do migracji i klonowania stron internetowych!
Portuguese (Brazil): Crie backup, restaure backups e migre sites. O melhor plugin para migração e clonagem de sites!
Russian: Создавайте резервные копии, восстанавливайте резервные копии и переносите сайты. Лучший плагин для миграции и клонирования сайтов!
Spanish: Cree copias de seguridad, restaure copias de seguridad y migre sitios. ¡El mejor complemento para sitios web de migración y clonación!
Turkish: Yedekleme oluşturun, yedeklemeleri geri yükleyin ve site taşıyın. Websitesi taşımaya ve klonlamaya yönelik en iyi eklentidir!
Vietnamese: Tạo sao lưu, khôi phục các bản sao lưu và di chuyển các trang web. Plugin tốt nhất để di chuyển và sao chép các trang web!


February 28, 2024
I've been using Backup Migration to create a local copy of my 3rd party hosted site. It works well, given the imposed limitations of my hosting arrangement. Multiple backups have succeeded, as well as multiple restore runs. I'd love a theme choice for less flamboyant tastes, and less intrusive ads, but I also recognize a gift horse when I see one.
February 28, 2024 1 reply
I had used other backup plugins before but they all had their flaws or required me to buy their premium version. Backup Migration worked great and made my day because the site of my client had a Wordpress error and did not show up anymore. After a hosting provider change I was able to restore the original site using the backup which I had made directly after the creation of the site about 1 year ago. It worked perfectly - thanks!
February 27, 2024 1 reply
Just used it for a backup / migration restore and it worked simply and perfectly out of the box.
February 26, 2024 1 reply
Easy way to backup/export/import a web site.
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“Backup Migration” has been translated into 26 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • [REMOVED] Backup middleware PHP file has been removed
  • [CHANGE] We lowered requirements for our upload area, now it requires max_upload_size minimum at 1 MB.
  • [CHANGE] Default configuration for scheduled backups changed to weekly (previously: monthly)
  • [CHANGE] Bypass backup methods no longer rely on headers, these are no longer in use
  • [CHANGE] Cache directories will be now included in backups again (default behavior)
  • [CHANGE] Censor for table prefix simplified to _ (previously: ***prefix)
  • [CHANGE] Scheduled backups are now forced to use new CURL backup method
  • [CHANGE] Updated plugin welcome title to something more fancy
  • [CHANGE] New users will now have PHP CLI disabled by default
  • [FIX] Fixed issues caused by managed MySQL databases, that prevented backup/restoration from starting
  • [FIX] Table prefix replacement has been improved and should cause much less issues
  • [FIX] Fixed database restoration process with backups created before v1.2.2
  • [FIX] Fixed autologin script after creation of staging site
  • [NEW] Since this version backup process as well as restoration will have WP_DEBUG force enabled (only during the process)
  • [NEW] We added couple of new debug and more detailed error messages in browser console (on error)
  • [NEW] Restore search & replace process will now ignore tables that starts with unknown prefix
  • [NEW] Our plugin will display notice in unsupported environments such as WP Playground
  • [NEW] After restoration user will now see option to turn on scheduled weekly backups
  • [NEW] Alternative method for databases with replication enabled (staging sites)
  • [NEW] Decreased amount of details shared with BackupBliss team via debug codes
  • [NEW] Sites with more than 150k files will now use optimized batching settings
  • [NEW] Improved hard-blacklist of known backup directories and SQL tables
  • [NEW] CURL backup method got refactored accordingly to browser method
  • [NEW] Added proper URL sanitization to Super-Quick Migration URL
  • [NEW] Browser backup method got refactored, improves security
  • [NOTE] Table prefix detector is no longer in use for this release
  • [NOTE] Tested with WordPress 6.5-beta1


  • [PRO] Added failure prevention when third party plugin(s) removes one of our files
  • [FIX] Adjusted the code to support and fit PHP 8.3 standards based on user reports (also PHP 5.6)
  • [FIX] Errors caused by removal of file that does not exist should be resolved (during database backup)
  • [FIX] Infinite number will be now converted to max allowed value, allowing upload of tables with INF values
  • [FIX] Attempt of minimizing PCL temporary file issues caused most likely by insufficent storage space
  • [NOTE] Added new default exclusion rules in terms of files (optional usage)
  • [NOTE] Extended hard directory blacklist
  • [NOTE] Upgraded analyst module to latest version


  • [FIX] Removed unwanted file that prevented our plugin from installation on Windows
  • [CHANGE] Censored table prefix in live-log


  • [PRO] Fixed issues with dead output of Google Drive backups
  • [FIX] Improved plugin security (important upgrade – CVE-2023-6972, CVE-2023-6971, CVE-2023-7002)


  • [FIX] Fixed issue where user could not change storage path that contain “dot”
  • [FIX] Adjusted our hotfix patches to not prevent third party ajax calls without nonces
  • [NOTE] Tested with PHP 8.3 (+CLI cmds)


  • [FIX] Patched reported CVE – please upgrade
  • [NOTE] Tested with WP 6.4.2


  • [PRO] Fixed staility of Google Drive connection getting disconnected randomly
  • [FIX] Scheduled backup status and minimized change of internal server error email
  • [CHANGE] New protected directory for temporary backup database dump
  • [CHANGE] Backup temporary chunk files moved to new directory
  • [CHANGE] Decreased accessibility time of progress logs when user gets logged out after restoration
  • [CHANGE] Increased tolerance for scheduled backups time


  • [CHANGE] Modified restoration order, now prefix will be replaced before plugin activation
  • [CHANGE] Default prefix of staging site will be shorter now to support long named tables
  • [FIX] Secured exported tables and moved extraction path to plugin data directory
  • [FIX] Created dedicated temporary path for process files (@Dmitrii Ignatyev)
  • [FIX] Backup process when permission-protected files were included in file list
  • [FIX] Issues with plugin activation when WP_Widget plugin was included in backup
  • [FIX] Automatic backup removal of unlocked backups after scheduled backup
  • Updated readme


  • Fixed bug with staging sites creation on larger sites
  • Fixed displayed warnings in debug logs (after migration process)


  • [NEW] [PRO] Option that allows to hide banners and carrousel
  • [NEW] Plugin will not fail anymore when configuraiton file was moved manually from different server
  • [NEW] Added browser sided error handler to catch web server errors and log them out into console
  • [NEW] File filters are now included in calculated exclusion size – can be recalculated as well
  • [NEW] Smart error handler will now try to apply suitable configuraiton without throwing error
  • [NEW] Most errors will be now pretty printed in browser developer console for easier access
  • [CHANGE] Now entire plugin config path will be static, stored in safe form in wp-content/backup-migration-config.php
  • [CHANGE] Improved way of stopping browser-method backup process, now it won’t make the process fail on next try
  • [CHANGE] Our plugin will now detect if siteurl is forced by wp-config and consider it during restoration
  • [CHANGE] Adjusted “Stop the process” button to fit designs of staging site creation process window
  • [CHANGE] Restoration temporary directory is now placed within our plugin directory path
  • Added database prefix change prevention while third party software interrupted restoration process
  • Staging site will have non-shared config since this release allows to handle it more individually
  • Added prevention of use default backup storage name which is “backup-migration” – by overwrite
  • Adjusted text of the staging site button, now it correctly states “site” instead of “server”
  • Adjusted view of backups list, removed progress icon while no cloud storage enabled
  • Fixed staging site creation after staging site was restored on parent website
  • Added new extension type for exclusion by default configuration “.part”
  • Improved the way how percentage is displayed during backup progress
  • Improved UI of some sections of our plugin configuration
  • Fixed htaccess insertion to bypass some litespeed issues
  • Improved display of success windows in other languages
  • Resolved CSS conflicts with few third party plugins
  • Remove multiple uneccessary since now console logs


  • By default config files with these extensions will be excluded: .tmp, .zip, .tr, .gz (can be modified in settings)
  • Modified default search replace page size to 50 from 300 (only for new installations)
  • Fixed console error logger, now it will display all relevant details
  • Added hard exclusion of third party plugin as it causes issue with compression
  • Propagated new method to slash fixer to other modules of our plugin
  • Refactored way of loading WordPress in outside processing (PHP CLI, PHP CLI within browser, browser backup method)
  • Default backup method now will validate if the file is readable or not, otherwise will exclude it out of the box
  • Fixed error handler during PHP error during PHP CLI restoration
  • Fixed deprecation issues with PHP 8.2 during Super-Quick Migration
  • Added new hints in live-log for Super-Quick Migration
  • Improved logger for Super-Quick Migration
  • Download progress now will be logged in live-log (restoration by URL)
  • Super-Quick Restoration (URL) via terminal and PHP CLI will now start restoration automatically
  • Added much better explanation for “php -f ./includes/cli-handler.php” command
  • Improved table prefix detection, now it will adjust case-sensitivity of the prefix
  • Added logging for file replacement process (restoration)
  • Added try…catch for unzipping process to catch any failed entries to throw an error
  • Fixed global logs and background logs, file will be now created properly for debug purposes
  • Replaced PHP and WP version verification method with dedicated one
  • Decreased sleep time between cURL requests (server side backup method)
  • Fixed issue when our plugin tried to resolve backup same directories
  • Tested with PHP 8.2 and WP 6.4-beta1 down to PHP 5.6 and WP 4.6


  • Fixed upload process on sites with upload size limit lower than 5 MBs
  • Speed up upload process on sites where it is allowed
  • Fixed restoration process on Windows with PHP 8 and above
  • Added more details to browser console log on process failure
  • Staging site name will be automatically incremented after staging site creation
  • Added current table prefix to debug log
  • Updated carrousel banner – now it’s fully compatible with PHP 8 and above
  • Added verbose logs for table prefix during restoration – useful for supporters
  • Refactored fixSlash function to work better on Windows
  • Fixed issue where making backup on staging site was impossible without reinstallation
  • Resolved all known deprecation errors in PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.1
  • Fixed issues with alternate backup method while security was present (apache2 only)
  • Fixed backup download on Microsoft related systems servers


  • Improved detection of PHP CLI
  • Improved PHP CLI in code determination
  • Added mwp-download directory to permanently excluded paths
  • Updated Welcome header of the plugin
  • Decreased possibility of warnings during extraction process
  • Improved stability of PHP CLI process
  • Adjusted root directory finder, added new condition
  • Updated banner module
    – Updated review module
  • Decreased warnings and noticed in PHP 8.2
  • Restored old name of the plugin
  • Added staging feature screenshot 🙂


  • [PRO] Fixed issues with invalid size error during backup process
  • [NEW FEATURE] Staging sites – Local
  • [NEW FEATURE] Staging sites – TasteWP
  • Added nonce verification for every possible request within our plugin
  • Permanently excluded cache directory from backups
  • Permanently excluded staging site database tables from backups
  • Permanently excluded staging site files from backups
  • Fixed file size calculation rescan
  • Fixed WordPress Installation size calculation
  • Configuration overwrite for direct download of backups (hotfix for current users)
  • Fixed “jumping to top” screen when clicking on staging site deletion / backup deletion
  • Fixed issues with automatic deletion of scheduled backups
  • Fixed issues with lock icon for automatic backups (now it’s possible to lock/unlock)
  • Fixed PHP CLI issues when it failed and our plugin wanted to keep the process running
  • Prevented PHP CLI run when altenate method is already running
  • Improved live-log display and decreased possibility of logs getting frozen
  • Added new type of logger for our support agents (verbose – non translatable)
  • Added [CLI] prefix for modules/processes that runs directly on server within logs
  • Improved step display during progress window, now it will be aligned with live-log
  • Disabled ZipArchive module for file extraction during resotration/migration
  • Fixed CLI warnings caused by ob streams


  • [Pro] Added possibility to select Google Drive directory name
  • [Pro] Fixed issues with database table exclusion rules
  • [Pro] Fixed issues with Google Drive upload process on subpath sites
  • [Pro] Changed look of Google Drive storage section a bit to fit it with text input
  • Added additional details to backup on name hover tooltips (added original name and full ZIP filename)
  • Backup(s) list will now display filename stored on particular server
  • Fixed issues with restoration when the original backup name was modified manually by user e.g. via FTP
  • Fixed issues on servers with set_time_limit function disabled
  • Adjusted in-plugin error handler and self-correction
  • Patched EDB-ID: 51445


  • [Pro] [New Feature] Added: Google Drive Storage
  • [Pro] Added more triggers for while cron does not work on the site
  • [Pro] Added new alternate activation method while cURL module is not available
  • [Pro] Added automatic background upload directly to Google Drive Storage
  • [Pro] Added direct restoration from Google Drive Storage
  • [Pro] Added more custom messages for license activation errors
  • [Pro] Automatic synchronization between sites connected to same Google Account
  • [Pro] Backups can be now stored only on external drive, can be removed from local storage
  • [Pro] Improved stability of backups & restorations while using included ZIP module
  • [Pro] Resolved issues with scheduled backups while the size was above 2 GBs
  • [Pro] Refresh button will now scan for local and remote backups (backup(s) list)
  • [Pro] Added out of the box remote CRON support for scheduled backups
  • Improved code quality [Premium & Free]
  • Improved stability of Super Quick Migration restoration request
  • Increased required free space amount to (estimated extracted size) multiplied by (1.4)
  • Added size display to database group, database size is now part of total size estimation
  • Added new option which allows to specify exact amount of file during batch extraction
  • Added new log lines about memory for backup and restoration process
  • Added backup URL display for Super-Quick Migration live log
  • Added plugin version to Super-Quick Migration live log
  • Added more debug details to share for even better support (debug codes)
  • Added backup cache, should help slower sites to load backup(s) list quicker
  • Added new way of storing backup for quick detailed access by plugin
  • Added new method to generate debug code if cURL module is not enabled
  • Added MD5 checksum verification for all backups stored locally and externally
  • Added manifest caching which doesn’t require to open ZIP file to get its content
  • Added proper link file detection, these files are going to be properly excluded now
  • Added new option which allows to rescan file & database sizes without page refresh
  • Added automatic plugin log files cleanup while log files are larger than 3 MBs
  • Added dedicated log line for scheduled backups (so, it’s clear how it was triggered)
  • Added new deletion modals to fit all removal cases “smart modal”
  • Added new tooltip which shows on which domain backup was taken
  • Added additional verification for carrousel module
  • Added new smart free memory calculation method
  • Added new variable for backup name %domain
  • Adjusted database dump to support NULL values (thanks to @janjakes)
  • Adjusted header settings while plugin will now ignore when session is enabled
  • Adjusted display of arrow icon (now it points to proper direction)
  • Adjusted PHP CLI finder which may decrease 1% issue while it freezes
  • Adjusted transition between Super-Quick Migration (download) and Restoration
  • Adjusted transition between Any Cloud Download and Restoration
  • Adjusted way how backup(s) list load
  • Fixed compatibility with older database versions
  • Fixed display message for page size limit warning (search & replace option)
  • Fixed plugin reset configuration, now it will apply all hotfixes after reset
  • Fixed backup error window, now it can show even if the process is still running
  • Fixed database restoration on SQL servers without support for ‘0000-00-00’ date
  • Fixed restoration error window, now it can show even if the process is still running
  • Fixed Super Quick Migration error window, now it can show even if the process is still running
  • Fixed restoration process when database was not included, now it shouldn’t deactivate all plugins
  • Fixed issue with “migration_in_progress” theme, now it should be gone after successful restoration
  • Fixed issues with selected stylesheet now it should be properly selected after restoration
  • Fixed issues with wrong plugins activated after restoration / or none active
  • Modified way of how file groups are calculated (now they load one by one, not all at once)
  • Modified default file extraction amount calculation, now it should work on all sites
  • Modified display of backup(s) and added column “Where stored?”
  • Decreased interval between backup progress check (should decrease network usage)
  • Extended permanently blacklisted files, usually broken or damaged
  • Configuration reset will now set secure and random directory for backups
  • Integrated removal of backup for new cache system with MD5 verification
  • Plugin will verify if WP-Config is writable or not during restoration
  • Resolved many styling conflicts with third party plugins
  • Brought back deactivation window for opted-in users
  • Tested with WordPress 6.2 and PHP 8.2
  • In short – enjoy! 🙂


  • Adjusted PHP compatibility


  • Fixed wrong version tag in v1.2.5 (hotfix)


  • Added black-friday theme (only for that period)
  • Fixed automatic backup for premium extension (sites above 2 GB)
  • Fixed error handling after database export (timeout detection)
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1.1


  • Fixed issue with restoration when site was restored on same domain but different server
  • Improved force-stop functionality, it will now clean-up temporary theme after failed restoration
  • Added directory check of temporary theme during restoration


  • Permanently excluded link files from the backup (directories and files)
  • Permanently excluded non-readable files from the backup to prevent errors.
  • Applied above exclusion rules to file size calculator in plugin settings
  • Removed unused debug dd() function to prevent conflicts
  • Adjusted bytes to read converter to display proper size value on string data
  • Changed action hook of plugin’s settings – script and style
  • Fixed issues with notices/warnings of unaccessible variables (backup)
  • Set new database export engine as default (v4, requires at least v1.2.2 to restore)
  • Added possibility to disable space check step, not recommend but may help in some cases
  • Updated out of the box backup paths of other plugins – exclusion rules (5 new)
  • Fixed temporary files clean-up after restoration (fail and successful)
  • Modified default size of query output – new value: 2000
  • Added support for batching to search & replace step (restoration/migration)
  • Added new option for search & replace, allows to set page size – default 300
  • Removed unused deactivation module from source code
  • Added hints of how to properly create support topic
  • Fixed close button for restoration/migration process error window
  • Adjusted style of logs for database (now current table will be displayed as step)
  • Fixed percentages above 100% for database table progress in logs
  • Adjusted old v3 database engine to support new search replace method
  • Added automatic temporary theme for the time of restoration/migration
  • All other plugins will be now automatically disabled during db migration/restoration
  • Fixed rare issue when wp-config.php was empty after restoration
  • Fixed issues with database restoration of tables with columns using reserved names (like “key”)
  • Fixed issues with search & replace of tables with columns using reserved names (like “key”)
  • Added improvements for restoration at
  • Updated v3 restoration engine (old backups) to not activate problematic plugins
  • Added batching for database export during backup process (only alternate backup methods)
  • Added option which allows to toggle batching technique of database export (disabled by default)
  • Fully tested on WordPress 6.1 with PHP 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1
  • Fixed Super-Quick Migration automatic restoration continuation
  • Fixed download URL and Super-Quick Migration URL displayed after backup process
  • Premium: Fixed database table exclusion rules in different backup methods
  • Added additional check for non-readable files in legacy backup methods
  • Minimized possibility of damaged backup with success window
  • Resolved issues with freezing live-log in/with PHP CLI mode
  • Fixed multisite restoration while blog domain used www. while new website don’t
  • Adjusted engine selector for compatibility with older restoration methods
  • Adjusted auto-login after restoration to work with forum-like plugins and new version of WP


  • Fixed some plugin conflicts causing styling issues in our plugin
  • Removed unnecessary error logging
  • Resolved issues with PHP 8 and PHP 8.1 internal log format
  • Added more blacklisted tables to restoration process
  • Added pre-loader between calculation and backup load
  • Added new troubleshooting method, allows to share complete logs with one click
  • Added new backup and restoration engine for database (much quicker!)
  • Decreased possibility of out of memory issues during URL adjustment
  • Improved stability of PHP CLI restoration process
  • Fixed issues of too quick restorations, decreasing false-positive errors
  • Added handler for browser-side errors, decreasing chance of frozen process
  • Fixed issues when log in pop-up was display during or after restoration
  • Fixed issues when backed-up wp-config.php was overriding main wp-config.php
  • Adjusted log display to be more smooth (no delays, quicker steps update)
  • Fixed formatting issues in readme file (FAQ)
  • Fixed automatic cleanup of files after migration
  • Fixed issue when restoration was not continued after download (Super-Quick Migration)
  • Modified error windows for backup and restore process
  • Tested with WordPress 6.0.1


  • Adjusted typos in our FAQ for migration process
  • Updated blacklist of plugins to activate after migration
  • Added blacklist for junk data tables – should significantly speed up restore process in some cases
  • Fixed notice messages of non existing temporary files
  • Improved latest Search & Replace engine to preform properly on multi-level subdomains
  • Tested with WordPress 6.0-beta3
  • Added blacklist for binary broken files
  • Added flushing of rewrite rules after migration
  • Adjusted display of TABs in settings on smaller screens
  • Premium: Fixed our settings display issues with PHP 8 and PHP 8.1
  • Added option: Select first method of backup (which makes one database file)
  • Added option: Removal of all plugins and themes after migration that were not included in the backup


  • New (Premium): Now you can exclude database tables from backup (all methods)
  • Added new restoration method
  • Fixed issues with header & footer display after migration
  • Improved migration performance (speed) up to 80%
  • Fixed auto login issues after migration for PHP CLI and normal method
  • Added MySQL Version to logging
  • Added MySQL Max query size info to logging
  • Added new engine for database search & replace
  • Renamed all download files and removed all translations of such file names
  • Log files are not prepared for our live-chat – so, we can provide better support 🙂
  • New restoration method allows you to protect your site from fatal error after migration
  • Plugins that cause errors will be automatically disabled
  • Fixed issues with logging and auto login on “no ending slash” browsers/servers
  • Fixed issue when user could not access bottom sections of plugin settings
  • Fixed display of total queries on slower servers
  • Disabled mysqli support for legacy method of backup (now will use native wpdb)
  • Incoming in 1.2.1: Select first method of backup (which makes one database file)
  • Incoming in 1.2.1: Removal of all plugins and themes after migration that were not included in the backup


  • Fixed compatibility issue with backups made before v1.1.7 (restoration)


  • Fixed issue with restoration due to bug in previous version


  • Tested up with WP Version 5.9 (up to beta 3)
  • Fixed restoration issues for Windows and Windows Server
  • Fixed notifications via e-mail – now you can receive max 1 e-mail per day
  • Adjusted cleanup of restoration files – GC processing
  • Fixed restore process request, after Super-Quick Migration (sometimes it was hanging)
  • Fixed restoration process via shell due to syntax error
  • Adjusted important parts to be compatible with Windows systems
  • Modified default value of query output to 300
  • By default SQL-Splitting will be enabled since this version (adjusted for all users)
  • Removed/fixed unnecessary notices in error log above PHP 7.4
  • Added new indicators in restore and backup logs
  • Now newly created backups saves WP version of source site
  • Restore and backup logs will display version of current backup
  • PHP CLI will be disabled by default for new users
  • Fixed some JavaScript issues of front-end process manager


  • Plugin tested with PHP 8.1
  • Plugin tested with WP Version 5.8.2
  • Fixed PHP CLI for sites above 2 GB (premium)
  • Modified default settings for new users, to solve most common issues
  • Modified default query output to 500 per batch, to solve most common database issue
  • Fixed undefined variables of zipping module (PHP 7.4+)
  • Fixed backups made with PHP CLI when the ZIP wasn’t closed correctly
  • Visual updates for our cool banner
  • Super-Quick Migration now should work with PHP CLI
  • Now WordPress version will be displayed in the logs
  • Fixed English typo in logs “enginge” => “engine”
  • Added additional sanitization for e-mail, e-mail title and directory (Thank you @Vlad Visse (Patchstack))
  • Added version tag


  • Fixed typos in tooltip about queries
  • Modified default value of queries


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8.1
  • Fixed warnings in PHP 8 and adjusted ob_clean functions (Thank you @jrevillini)
  • Added force stop for restoration and migration process
  • Added force stop for backup process (troubleshooting option)
  • Added splitting option for restore and migration process
  • Fixed STEP display in process window for restore and backup
  • Adjusted logs output for restore and backup process
  • Updated database engine for export and import using new technique
  • Added new option to specify export queries per file and restore batch
  • Implemented splitting n into CLI restoration (disabled by default)


  • Fixed PHP CLI migration process (in case of different table prefix)
  • Restricted access to global logs
  • Restricted access to backup logs
  • Added censor for backup name in all log files
  • Added censor for sensitive details in global log and others
  • Randomize folder name for each site, it will rename old directory as well
  • Backup hash name will be now extended up to 16 characters including A-z
  • Decreased default database batch size to 250 from 2500 queries
  • Added constant ABSPATH for exclusion rules
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8


  • Added new option which allow to specify own PHP CLI path
  • Added possibility to disable PHP CLI for both restore and backup process
  • Fixed output data restore process – should not hang up on success
  • Fixed output data for backup process – should not hang up on success as well
  • Added batching for restore process, should extend execution time
  • Increased batch size for huge sites up to 40k files per batch
  • Increased default max size of batch from 60 MB to 96 MB
  • Fixed issues with PHP CLI when the output was not correct
  • Added possibility to download live log of restore process (useful when it hang up)
  • Restore process now can calculate file amount before extraction
  • Added secret keys for restore process – should be much more secure now
  • Added batching for database export, plugin should use maximum execution time now
  • Removed debug information in console log (should be in 1.1.1)
  • Added batching for files extraction during restore process
  • Restore process now shows extraction progress – the process is slower because of it but more stable
  • Fixed PHP CLI for premium users where the site is too large
  • Fixed SuperQuick Migration via PHP CLI – now the process should continue automatically
  • Added notice logging into restore process
  • Now restore process will continue on notice like uninitialized classname
  • Fixed issue when restore process hangs up (5.6 – 7.4 PHP versions) due to uninitialized classname


  • Modified restore safe limit calculation for better performance
  • Fixed issues with restore on PHP 8
  • Fixed database restore issues, when the database is damaged
  • Adjusted database parser for older MySQL versions
  • Updated storage front-end UX


  • Fully tested with WordPress 5.7.2
  • Fixed rare notices and warnings of PHP 8
  • New database engine for restore and backup process
  • Rewritten find and replace method for database migration
  • Changed default configuration settings
  • Added “insecure download” option for LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • Added possibility to run backup or restore process via shell (PHP CLI aka WP CLI)
  • Increased support for free users up to 2 GB size of site.
  • Final files now will be included in the last batch (for cURL and Browser method)
  • Update of success modals (restore & backup)
  • New smart PHP CLI detection tool, it will check for valid PHP executable binary file
  • Plugin now requires at least PHP CLI of 5.6 version – for older it will run legacy methods
  • Fixed automatic backup issue when it was impossible to disable with plugin’s options
  • Increased stability of hick-ups screens, false positives should not happen now
  • Added full support for ZipArchive add-on
  • Super-Quick Migration now can run as PHP CLI process (download can’t be aborted by Web Server now)
  • Backups created with this version are not supported by older versions of this plugin
  • Backups created with older versions can be restored with this version (1.1.0) and above
  • Newly created backups should not cause fatal errors if they were aborted / killed during restore
  • Hardly excluded wp-config.php from backup, can be restored only manually if needed
  • Fixed error “Tried to allocate xxx bytes” during migration & backup (tested up to 650 MB database size)
  • Excluded other plugins from Backup Migration plugin error log
  • Optimized logging for global logs of Backup Migration log – file should be smaller now
  • Added new settings in “Other Options” section
  • If restore fail the temporary files should be fully cleaned up now


  • Fixed issue of v1.0.8 [Automatic backups does not work]
  • Fixed issue of v1.0.8 [Download of backup does not work]


  • Added warnings for huge files (above 60 MB)
  • Increased timeout limit
  • Now plugin will ignore server abort command (should help in some cases)
  • Progress bar won’t show the counter if file count isn’t known
  • Increased default memory to (minimum: 384 MB)
  • Added smart chunker for bigger sites (now it’s possible to have chunks of 2500 files)
  • Improved performance of the backups (should be much faster for sites 3000+ files)
  • Database import is now memory friendly (database size can be really big, without error)
  • Database export is also chunked for better stability of the backup
  • Support for page builders – now cloned site should be perfect mirror
  • Quick Migration: Removed timeout for huge files (should download full file now)
  • Added better memory calculator, mostly improvement for shared hostings.
  • Fixed issues on SunOS with free space calculator.
  • Added support for installations not inside root (e.g. domain.tld, domain.tld/wordpress)
  • Fixed issue when your database contains ‘-‘ character (fetch() function)
  • Fixed PclZip issue i.e. “requires at least 18 bytes”
  • Fixed BMI\Plugin\Zipper\finfo_open() error
  • Premium: Replaced PclZip with more stable & dedicated edition of this module
  • Premium: Improved performance of the core overall (smaller size to decrypt)
  • Since now only site Administrator can manage backups by default
  • Added permission “do_backups” – users with this permissions
  • Added new option “Bypass server limits”
  • Added support for ZipArchive (only when some bypass function is enabled)
  • Added support for PHP Cli – it will be preferred option now


  • Hot fix – Restore process fixed when premium plugin is activated


  • Backup Support for WordPress 5.6
  • Backup Support for PHP 8.0
  • Fixed issue with completely empty backup files (0 bytes)
  • Fixed back up progress (NaN shouldn’t display anymore)
  • For better backup & network performance decreased amount of calls
  • Admin can bypass backup logs protection (File won’t expire for them)
  • Added update information to downloaded backup and restore logs
  • Added some server infos to backup / migration logs
  • Support for backup “front-end” errors – for easier debugging
  • Server back up errors should be also logged in (limited on LSWS)
  • Better back up error logging – global log will contain all errors
  • Added back up troubleshooting option: send test email
  • Added back up troubleshooting option: fix php_uname warning/error
  • Removed back up PHP Errors reports from log files


  • Premium relation
  • Translations adjustment
  • Load priority change (for better performance of entire website)


  • Removed included PclZip
  • Added support for WordPress 4.6
  • Support for PHP 5.6
  • Rephrased some tooltips to be more clear
  • Added support for custom wp-content folder
  • Changed excluded files by default


  • Created special htaccess for litespeed
  • Added dynamic counter of current file
  • Added more info in backup logs


  • Dedicated space checking with dummy file
  • Added smart memory manager
  • Fixed migration issues (database)
  • Fixed backup issues (litespeed users)
  • Progress won’t hide on front-end error (e.g. lost connection)
  • Added more error messages (backup)


  • Changed tooltips background color for better contrast
  • Updated some translation strings


  • Initial release