Block Editor Animate Blocks


Bring your posts and pages to life with 20 cool animations inside the Block editor.

Enhance your WordPress website with our free version of the Animate Blocks plugin.

Create captivating animations for various blocks, preview them within the Block Editor, and access a selection of 20 pre-defined animation effects.

With support for custom animations and basic optimization features, elevate your website’s visual appeal without breaking the bank.


Install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory or by uploading the ZIP file through the WordPress admin panel.

Navigate to the Block Editor and select the block you want to animate.

In the block settings or toolbar, locate the animation options provided by the plugin. Choose from the available animation effects or create custom animations as desired.

After applying animations, use the Block Editor’s preview mode to see how the animations will appear on your website.

If you need advanced animation capabilities or additional support, consider upgrading to the Animate Blocks Pro version of the plugin to unlock a wider range of features and priority support.


While the free version offers limited customization options compared to the Animate Blocks Pro, you can still use and 20 animations to some of your blocks within the Block Editor using the available controls.


  • Custom Animation Block: Users can create custom animations for blocks within the free version.
  • Supported Blocks: Limited selection of supported blocks for applying animations.
  • Block Preview Mode: Ability to preview animations within the Block Editor.
  • Animation Effects: Access to 20 pre-defined animation effects.
  • Reset all Blocks: Option to reset animations for all blocks.
  • Reduce Page Loading: Basic optimization to load animations as needed, although with limited functionality.
  • Regular Plugin Updates: Updates are provided, albeit with a delay compared to the PRO version.


  • Custom Animation Editor: The free version lacks the ability to customize animations directly within the editor interface.
  • User Defined Blocks: Users cannot define custom blocks for animations.
  • Animation Global Settings: Limited control over global animation settings.
  • Overflow Hidden to Parent Elements: Feature to hide overflow for parent elements is unavailable.
  • Video and Gallery Blocks: Users cannot animate video or gallery blocks with the free version.
  • Once and Mirror Animation Options: Advanced animation options like “once” and “mirror” are not accessible.
  • Search Animation Effects with Select2: No capability to search for specific animation effects using Select2.
  • Priority Email Support: Support provided, but without priority status.
  • Performance and Recovery: No enhanced performance features or quicker recovery process.

Upgrade to Animate Blocks Pro version to unlock advanced features, extended support, and enhanced performance for an optimized animation experience on your WordPress website.


The step-by-step setup, usage, demos, video, and insights can be found on Animate Blocks Pro.


If you are using the free version of the plugin from the repository and would like to have the Pro features you can purchase the premium version from the Animate Blocks Pro website.

  1. Custom Animation Editor: Unlock the ability to create and customize animations directly within the editor interface for seamless integration and effortless design control.
  2. User Defined Blocks: Define custom blocks to apply animations, providing unparalleled flexibility in animating various elements of your website.
  3. Extended Supported Blocks: Access an extensive range of supported blocks for applying animations, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your animation needs.
  4. Animation Global Settings: Enjoy full control over global animation settings, allowing for precise adjustments and optimization across your entire website.
  5. Overflow Hidden to Parent Elements: Implement overflow hidden to parent elements, ensuring a polished and seamless animation experience without unwanted visual disruptions.
  6. Video and Gallery Blocks: Animate video and gallery blocks to enhance multimedia content and captivate your audience with dynamic visual effects.
  7. Animation Effects Library: Gain access to over 100 pre-defined animation effects, providing a vast selection of captivating animations to choose from and enrich your website’s visual appeal.
  8. Once and Mirror Animation Options: Utilize advanced animation options such as “once” and “mirror” for sophisticated animation effects and enhanced user engagement.
  9. Reset All Blocks: Easily reset animations for all blocks with a single click, streamlining the animation management process and ensuring consistency across your website.
  10. Search Animation Effects with Select2: Seamlessly search for specific animation effects using Select2, facilitating efficient navigation and selection within the animation effects library.
  11. Reduce Page Loading: Optimize page loading by loading animations as needed, enhancing website performance and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  12. Priority Email Support: Receive priority support via email, ensuring prompt assistance and timely resolution of any inquiries or issues.
  13. Regular Plugin Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and bug fixes through regular plugin updates, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with WordPress updates.


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The installation process for the plugin is standard and user-friendly. Please inform us if you face any challenges throughout the installation.

Installation from WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for Animate Blocks.
  3. Install and activate the Animate Blocks plugin.
  4. Click on the Settings link or go to Themes > Animate Blocks from the main menu.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the contents of the entire block-editor-animate-blocks folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit Plugins.
  3. Activate the Block Editor Animate Blocks plugin.
  4. Click on the Settings link or go to Themes > Animate Blocks from the main menu.

After Activation

  1. Go to any page or post using the Block Editor highlight supported blocks and you see the additional Animation tab with controls.


Visit the Support tab on this page to post your requests and questions.

We typically address all tickets within a few days.

If you have a feature request, we’ll add it to the plugin wish list and consider implementing it in the next major version.

Can I customize animations for specific blocks?

Yes, you can create custom animations for blocks within the free version of the plugin.

What blocks are supported for applying animations?

The free version offers a limited selection of supported blocks for applying animations.

Design: core/group, core/column, core/columns
Media: core/image
Text: core/heading, core/paragraph, core/button

Need more? Take a look at the Animate Blocks Pro

Is there a preview mode to see how animations will look within the Block Editor?

Yes, you can preview animations within the Block Editor to visualize how they will appear on your website.

How many pre-defined animation effects are available?

The free version provides access to 20 pre-defined animation effects to choose from. Take a look at the Animate Blocks Pro for more than 100+ and a way to create your own.

Does it offer any performance optimizations for loading animations?

Basic optimization features are included in the free version to load animations as needed, although with limited functionality.

In the Animate Blocks Pro you can load animation effects on demand and have several options for the core version of the CSS file.

Is there a way to customize animation timing or effects beyond the pre-defined options?

No, the free version does not offer the ability to customize animations beyond the provided pre-defined options.


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Contributors & Developers

“Block Editor Animate Blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New – Add WP admin main menu link as default and compact mode option for sub menu link
  • Update – Remove promo code which was disabled temporary
  • Update – Allow types supported only for Post and Page types in the free
  • Update – Remove some of variables only available in the pro version from class-animate-blocks
  • Fix – Replace all animate-blocks-pro with animate-blocks
  • Fix – Remove pro word where not needed


  • Fix – Fix upgrade notice to show every 30 days.


  • Update – Change Animate Blocks with Block Editor Animate Blocks
  • Update – Compatibility check with WordPress 6.5


  • Fix – Replace all json_encode with wp_json_encode, and be sure the json_decode returns an array with 2nd arg true
  • Fix – Add wp_nonce for rating, upgrade notices and nav links
  • Fix – Used esc_html, esc_url, wp_kses etc. to escape all missed strings
  • Fix – Load frontend styles and scripts in context


  • New – Add an Dashicons icon to the title of the panel with controls
  • Fix – Replace all in string variables from ${var} to {$var}


  • New – Add upgrade notice with transient and dissmis nd success button
  • Update – Add UTM for plugin website links
  • Fix – Remove extra break on the settings main page


  • Update – Add support block on the Options page
  • Update – Enable plugin rating notice message


  • Update – Remove JS @import where not needed
  • Update – Remove $ from common in JS an use jQuery where needed
  • Update – Replace 2023 from copyright to 2024
  • Fix – Change Request.pluginDomain to AOSBLOCKS.pluginDomain in request.js


  • Initial release and first commit into the SVN