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A lot of site owners face the spam mail problem for using the WordPress default PHP mail function(). When it comes to mail service there may be some restrictions: sometimes emails are not delivered, sites cross the limit of outgoing mail.

Bit SMTP plugin allows you to authenticate the mail service of your site by configuring the SMTP server of your desired mail service. SMTP is a protocol that helps your WordPress site to make its email deliverability more easygoing & reliable. By enabling this feature you can send mail from your site to your recipients via your preferred mail server.

How does SMTP works :

At first, you have to open an account on your desired hosting provider (e.g: MailGun, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zoho mail). By opening an account you are authenticating your WordPress site. They will provide you the necessary credentials (e.g.: Encryption type, SMTP port ). You have to put this information when configuring SMTP on your site. Once your site is authenticated you can send mail through your preferred SMTP server. All the email validation work will be done on your specified SMTP server.

To access all the mail services you need professional mail addresses. The mail services you can use through this plug-in:

  1. MailGun SMTP [5,000 free email /per month for 3 months]
  2. Gmail SMTP [6,000 free email/per month]
  3. Hotmail
  4. Yahoo
  5. AWS SES
  6. ZOHO Mail

Mail Gun:

SMTP Host :
Type of Encryption :TLS
SMTP Port: 587


SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: TLS
SMTP Port: 587


SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: TLS
SMTP Port: 587


SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: SSL
SMTP Port: 465

Zoho Mail:

SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: TSL
SMTP Port: 587

Amazon SES:

SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: TLS
SMTP Port: 587


host :
port : 587
encrypted :  TLS


host :
port: 587
encrypted : TLS


host :
Type of Encryption : TLS
port: 587<h3>Features:</h3>

1. Send email using an SMTP server
2. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, Hot mail’s, Mail gun, Amazon SES, Zoho Mail SMTP server if you have an account with them
3. Securely deliver emails to your recipients.
4. Ability to specify a Reply-to email address
5. Email Log (Coming soon)
5. Email Control (Coming soon)

Once you have installed the plugin, Click the BIT SMTP menu

The general section consists of the following options:

  • Enable SMTP: Yes/No if option Yes plugin is enabled or option is No plugin is disabled (This option should always be checked “Yes”).
  • From Email Address: The email address that will be used to send emails to your recipients.
  • From Name: The name your recipients will see as part of the “from” or “sender” value when they receive your message.
  • Reply-To Email Address: The email address that will be used to Reply-to email address to your recipients.
  • SMTP Host: Your outgoing mail server (example:
  • Type of Encryption: SSL/TLS.
  • SMTP Port: The port that will be used to relay outbound mail to your mail server (example: 587).
  • SMTP Authentication: No/Yes (This option should always be checked “Yes”).
  • Username: The username that you use to login to your mail server.
  • Password: The password that you use to login to your mail server.

After configuring the SMTP server you are ready for Email testing.

Bit SMTP Testing :

This testing option will help you to verify that actually, your website can relay outgoing mail to the referred recipients. SMTP testing option consists of :

  • To Field: Type the email address to whom you want to send the mail.
  • Subject Field: Include the subject of your message.
  • Message Field: Write your desired message to this text field.


March 2, 2021
I was using it standalone and got it working just by following the video tutorial. It was through this plugin I found out about Bit Press' premium Bit Form builder, which I have now purchased. This feature is now built into their forms builder, so I don't need this any more. Smart move Bit Press team!
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