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BWD Elementor Addons (2500+ presets, Meet The Team, Lottie, Lord Icon, Masking, Woocommerce, Products, Blogs, CV, Contact Form 7 Styler, Header, Slider, Hero Section)

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BWD Elementor Addons (2500+ presets, Meet The Team, Lottie, Lord Icon, Masking, Woocommerce, Products, Blogs, CV, Contact Form 7 Styler, Header, Slider, Hero Section)


BWD Addons For Elementor is a powerful addon designed to enhance the web design with the Elementor page builder.
** With BWD Addons For Elementor, you get access to over 80+ free widgets, including advanced features. Each widget is fully customizable, allowing you to tweak every aspect of your design to fit your needs perfectly.**
In addition to widgets, BWD Addons For Elementor also comes with a range of pre-designed templates and sections to help you speed up your workflow.
Check out our preset designs


** We have preset designs that you can use instantly. Also, each design comes with a bunch of options to customize your website in every possible way. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination.



** Widget List: available in the free version
1. Meet The Team
2. Testimonials
3. Creative Button
4. Accordion
5. Masking Effect
6. Services Showcase
7. Promo Box
8. Flip Box
9. Map Masking
10. Creative List
11. Dual Heading
12. Back To Top
13. Call to Action
14. Icon Box
15. Dual Button
16. Step
17. Counter
18. Image Hover Effect
19. Count Down
20. Animated Heading
21. Filterable Gallery
22. Pricing Table
23. Social Icon
24. Creative Tabs
25. Author Bio
26. Animated Link
27. Business Hours
28. Image Shape
29. Fancy Heading
30. Progress Bar
31. Image Accordion
32. Image Compare
33. Timeline
34. Block Quote
35. Video Popup
36. Image Stack Group
37. Masking Video
38. Image Swap
39. Profile Card
40. Photo Stack
41. Post Grid
42. Image Scroll
43. iHover
44. Webinar Info
45. Coupon Code
46. Unique Headers
47. Click To Contact
48. WooCommerce Product Category Carousel
49. WooCommerce Product Grid
50. Data Table
51. Creative Blog Post Carousel
52. WooCommerce Product Carousel
53. Blog Post List
54. WooCommerce Product Category Grid
55. Blog Post Tiles
56. WooCommerce Product Category Tiles
57. WooCommerce Product Tiles
58. WooCommerce Product List
59. WooCommerce Related Product
60. Contact Form 7 Styler
61. WooCommerce Product Accordion
62. WooCommerce Product Image Accordion
63. News Ticker
64. Blog Post Accordion
65. Flip Box Carousel
66. Blog Post Image Accordion
67. Team Carousel
68. Code Highlighter
69. Breadcrumb
70. Masonry Blog Post
71. Brand Logo Showcase
72. WooCommerce Product Timeline
73. Blog Post Timeline
74. WooCommerce Product List Carousel
75. WooCommerce Featured Product
76. Effective Blog Post Slider
77. Info & Download Button
78. Social Share
79. Background Switcher
80. Random Image
81. Preloader
82. Circle Info Bar

Premium Widgets

  1. Popup
  2. Advanced Slider
  3. Slider Anything
  4. Image Hotspot
  5. Unfold
  6. Bar Chart
  7. Lottie Animation
  8. Lord Icon
  9. CV Builder
  10. Honeycombs
  11. Card Flipper Pro
  12. Ajax Data Table
  13. Content Switcher Plus
  14. Image Reveal Animation
  15. Image Unfold Kit
  16. Modern Feature List
  17. 3d Woocommerce Product Layout
  18. Offcanvas Slide Magic
  19. Private Content Locker
  20. Clear Pdf View
  21. Progress Master Kit
  22. Restaurant Price Menu
  23. Sales Promotion Offer
  24. Showcase Your Profile
  25. Tooltip Mastery
  26. Employee Profile Identity
  27. Horizontal Timeline Slider
  28. Showcase Product Features
  29. Threesixty Rotation View
  30. Bwd Faq
  31. Pricing Scheme Switcher
  32. Sticky Video Prime
  33. Tabify Xpert Suite
  34. Vertical Split Slideshow
  35. Hero Sections
  36. Post Carousel
  37. Post Prestige Portfolio
  38. Advanced Posts Tab
  39. Woocommerce Category Gallery
  40. WooCommerce Product Multi Action
  41. Woocommerce Product Vendors

The premium version helps us to continue the development of the product incorporating even more features and enhancements.
You will also get world-class support from our dedicated team, 24/7.

Upgrade To Pro


If you are still finding some of the missing pieces in our Widget Library and want to share them with us, you can request for a feature.
Submit your request here.


** We sincerely appreciate your decision to select our plugin. If our plugin brings you joy during your work, we kindly ask you to express your happiness by giving us a 5***** rating on WordPress Org. Your feedback will bring us great joy and will only require a couple of minutes of your time.
** I am delighted to award you a 5


BWD Addons for Elementor

JavaScript Files

The non-compressed JavaScript file can be found at:
[BWD Elementor Addons]http://localhost/your-wp-name/wp-content/plugins/bwd-elementor-addons/assets/public/js/codentor-prism.js
Note: If you are working locally, you can access the JavaScript file at a similar URL on your own development environment.

Integration with 3rd Party Service

Service Details


  • This is plugin dashboard genarel tab /assets/screenshot-1.jpg
  • The plugin widgets tab on the dashboard /assets/screenshot-2.jpg
  • Some widgets for blogs all /assets/screenshot-3.jpg
  • Here show some widgets for WooCommerce products /assets/screenshot-4.jpg
  • Another demo preview page /assets/screenshot-6.jpg
  • This one also /assets/screenshot-8.jpg
  • This one also /assets/screenshot-9.jpg
  • This one also /assets/screenshot-13.jpg
  • This one also /assets/screenshot-14.jpg


Installation is fairly straightforward. Install it from the WordPress plugin repository.
If you don’t know how then:-
Install by upload plugin:-
1. Go to wordpress.org.
2. Go to plugins and search “BWD Elementor Addons”
3. Download This.
4. Go to Dashboard click on Plugins->Add New->Upload Plugin->Choose File->Install Now->Active.

** Install by search plugin:-
1. In your Admin, go to Plugins > Add New
2. Search “BWD Elementor Addons”
3. Click to install
4. Activate the plugin

➔Set the widget from the Elementor Widgets area
➔You can type “BWD” on your element tabs within the Elementor editor and all the available elements will appear.

Note: This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor (It’s free) installed.


Can I use BWD Elementor Addons without Elementor?

I’m afraid, you cannot use BWD Elementor Addons without Elementor (It’s free).

Does it work along with other Elementor Addons?

Yes, it does.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! It will work with any theme where Elementor works.

What if I update to the Premium version?

Your existing elements/content will work with premium version. So you won’t lose your developed contents.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes, undoubtedly.

Contributors & Developers
“BWD Elementor Addons” is open-source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


May 6, 2024
I am quite happy with the number of elements that I can use for a section layout, many have a lot of customization, others not so much and I hope they can have it in the future. They have great support, by the way. I think it is among the best in this category and surely if they improve even more (with more elements and customization) it will be the number one of the plugins for Elementor. I hope they can rise to the occasion to achieve it in the short or medium term.
April 23, 2024
BWD Elementor Addons has truly transformed my website design experience. Its extensive collection of widgets and extensions not only streamlines the development process but also adds a layer of creativity and professionalism to my projects. From dynamic animations to advanced styling options, BWD Elementor Addons delivers everything I need to bring my visions to life. Highly recommended for any Elementor user looking to take their designs to the next level
April 14, 2024
BWD Elementor Addons delivers a robust toolkit for Elementor users, packed with practical widgets and seamless functionality. It’s a real game-changer for anyone serious about upgrading their website design effortlessly.
April 14, 2024
Very helpful plugin for best elementor based website. It enhance the functionality of elementor elements for the website. Really helpful plugin
April 9, 2024
BWD Elementor Addons offers a robust set of features to enhance website building with Elementor, providing a seamless experience for users seeking advanced customization options. With its intuitive interface and diverse widgets, it’s a valuable tool for developers and designers alike looking to elevate their Elementor projects.
April 1, 2024
An excellent addon that makes work easier and offers extensive customization options
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Contributors & Developers

“BWD Elementor Addons (2500+ presets, Meet The Team, Lottie, Lord Icon, Masking, Woocommerce, Products, Blogs, CV, Contact Form 7 Styler, Header, Slider, Hero Section)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



++ The first virsion
++ 1.0
++ Added some new widgets free and pro
++ 1.9.6
++ Update
++ 2.4.0
++ Added some new code for update
++ 3.2.1
++ Added a new widget
++ 1.3.6
++ Boots
++ 1.3.9
++ Added more widgets
++ 1.4.1
++ Added more extensions
++ 2.1.0
++ Added a new widget
++ 2.1.1
++ Code update
++ 2.2.0
++ Added a new widget
++ 2.2.9
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.3.0
++ Code update
++ 2.3.1
++ Dashboard updated
++ 2.4.0
++ Change carousel code
++ 2.4.5
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.5.5
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.5.6
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.6.6
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.6.7
++ Code updated
++ 2.6.8
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.7.8
++ Added more new extensions
++ 2.8.8
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.8.9
++ Added new extensions
++ 2.9.0
++ Added new extensions
++ 3.0.1
++ Code updated
++ 3.0.2
++ Error solving and updated code
++ 3.1.2
++ Updated code
++ 3.1.3
++ Add new feature and updated code
++ 3.2.3
++ Just updated code
++ 3.2.4
++ Just updated css
++ 3.2.5
++ Added a product compare widget
++ 3.2.6
++ Update on admin dashboard
++ 3.2.7
++ Updated admin dashboard design and some widgets bugs
++ 4.2.7
++ Dashboard Code Changed
++ 4.2.8
++ Demo url updated
++ 4.2.9