This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Doubly – Cross Domain Copy Paste for WordPress


Cross Domain Copy Paste for WordPress

Easily move, duplicate, backup and, copy paste content & designs between your WordPress websites in seconds.


Move Anything Between Websites

Copy Paste Between Websites

The simplest way to copy content and designs between websites including media. Copy and paste posts, pages, WooCommerce products, Elementor sections, media or any other custom post type between your WordPress websites.

Export Import Between Websites

Now you can download content and designs from your WordPress website as a zip file. One click export and import posts, pages, WooCommerce products, Elementor sections, media or any other custom post type between your WordPress websites.

What can Doubly Help You Do?

Copy content & designs from one website to another, effortlessly!

WordPress Pages (FREE)

Move fully designed pages with their meta data and media between your WordPress websites.

Elementor Sections (FREE)

Copy and paste any section with all the widget content and style between WordPress websites faster.

Unlimited Elements (FREE)

Copy and paste Elementor pages between websites that include Unlimited Elements widgets (plugin for Elementor).

WordPress Posts (PRO)

Move any WordPress posts and even CPT’s with custom fields between your WordPress websites.

WooCommerce Products (PRO)

Copy and paste WooCommerce products with all attributes, variations, categories and media.

Media Files (PRO)

Copy and paste WooCommerce products with all attributes, variations, categories and media.

WooCommerce Orders (COMING SOON)

Copy and paste WooCommerce orders between your websites in the easiest and most sufficient way.

WooCommerce Users (COMING SOON)

Easily export and import your WordPress users between websites with all their associated data.

Making your workflow easier

It feels like magic but it’s real.

Intuitive Interface

You don’t even need to read the documentation you can start using Doubly as soon as its installed. Just copy and paste like your used to.

Save Time & Efforts

Create websites faster without the hassle of rebuilding over and over again. Now, you can duplicate any section from one domain to another with just a few clicks.

Secure & Conflict Free

The best and most secure solution that will never cause conflicts on your website.

Lightweight & Optimized

Doubly is a focused plugin that does not add any unneeded features or bulk to your website environment.

Improve your workflow

See how it all comes together with Doubly and take a look at our real use cases.

Backup and Store Files

The quick one click export import feature lets you download assets to your computer and store them for backup purposes. Now you dont have to make a full website backup and you can back up only what you need.

Collaborate with colleagues

Sharing your assets was never so easy. Easily send a coworker a certain section of a design or even a full post or page.

Move From Staging to Live

Moving content from a WordPress staging site to a live site has never been easier! Now you can just copy and paste content including all the assets between a development environment to your live website.

Bulk Actions

Work faster with bulk actions. Copy multiple posts at a time with just one click and paste them in another WordPress website.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. You are ready to start using Doubly


Will Doubly copy paste pages or sections with third party plugin content?

Yes, it will. Just make sure that you have the third-party plugin installed and activated on both the websites.

Does Doubly copy images as well?

Yes, images will get copied to your new site with Doubly using the copy paste feature. You can also copy just media with Doubly.

Can I copy sections from my local site to a live site?

Yes, images and videos from your local setup will be copied to the live site.

Can someone steal my data?

No, for the copy paste to take action you need to be logged in and have administrator rights. When the content copies it creates an encoded transient that disappears in 10 minutes.

Can Doubly copy from websites without logging in?

No, to use Doubly you need to be logged in The copy paste feature works only from sites that you have admin access to.


December 15, 2023 1 reply
I accidentally inserted something via Doubly and have been unable to find any way to remove it again. Neither through the plugin page nor the website. Since I couldn’t do this, I decided to write to support, but I haven’t received a reply. I’ve also tried to post on their open forum, but I haven’t received a reply there either… Now the next step is to hire a freelancer to remove their bullshit…
July 15, 2022
I’ve just started to take advantage of this amazing new plugin – ohh its so great and solved a big deal issue for me and a lot of time. Thank u guys.
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Contributors & Developers

“Doubly – Cross Domain Copy Paste for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 1.0.44 – 18/10/2023

  • Update: tested version in readme
  • Update: freemius sdk

Version 1.0.42 – 22/02/2023

  • Update: updated freemius to the latest version
  • Fix: fixed some small bugs

Version 1.0.41 – 22/02/2023

  • Fix: fixed exporting data from kadence blocks in gutenberg
  • Feature: done some integration with wpbakery page builder images export

Version 1.0.40 – 15/01/2023

  • Fix: fixed some optimization related issues with front button

Version 1.0.39 – 25/12/2022

  • Feature: added integration with exporting / importing woo orders in pro version

Version 1.0.38 – 07/12/2022

  • Feature: added action on existing post on import

Version 1.0.37 – 30/10/2022

  • Fix: fixed some spectra and gutenberg realted import integration with images
  • Feature: added post date to export / import
  • Change: post status copied from original post from now, was always publish

Version 1.0.35 – 23/9/2022

  • Feature: added comments to export/import post

Version 1.0.34 – 21/9/2022

  • Feature: made integration with divi layouts – copy with images

Version 1.0.33 – 11/9/2022

  • Feature: added support to move wp-images from post content made in classic editor

Version 1.0.32 – 10/8/2022

  • Fix: fixed brocken elementor page in some cases after move

Version 1.0.31 – 9/8/2022

  • Feature: show admin bulk actions even if hidden if doubly present
  • Fix: fixed images export of nested meta gallery like fields
  • Fix: fixed copy paste single snippet
  • Change: upgraded freemius sdk verison
  • Change: made the code snippets support free feature

Version 1.0.30 – 28/7/2022

  • Feature: added ask for copy functionality
  • Feature: made integration with code snippets
  • Fix: has set more timeout for request get (20 sec).
  • Fix: fixed unreachable elementor section copy in some cases

Version 1.0.29 – 21/7/2022

  • Fix: improved elementor images export/import
  • Fix: show the complete error instead of “request failed” in case of 403 error – forbidden
  • Fix: fixed media upload

Version 1.0.28 – 14/7/2022

  • Fix: fixed menu slug issue with freemius in pro version
  • Feature: added welcome screen

Version 1.0.27 – 10/7/2022

  • Fix: fixed acf import with the fields
  • Fix: fixed zip file validation errors in some cases

Version 1.0.26 – 29/6/2022

  • Change: changed exported zip file names

Version 1.0.25 – 26/6/2022

  • Fix: fixed copy button not available in editor – single post edit
  • Fix: fixed image copy in some custom acf fields
  • Fix: fixed copied to clipboard text showed always “post” type
  • Fix: fixed front not permitted message on copy elementor section

Version 1.0.24 – 24/6/2022

  • Feature : added front end copy/paste button in case that the site on or the admin bar is absent

Version 1.0.23 – 23/6/2022

-bug fix: fixed some php get_current_user bug

Version 1.0.22 – 22/6/2022

-bug fix: added message when both versions installed – free and pro

Version 1.0.21 – 20/6/2022

  • Fix: fixed bulk actions in media
  • Fix: fixed multiple file names zip
  • Change: corrected imported post names message

Version 1.0.20 – 17/6/2022

  • Feature: added front copy button (to pro version)

Version 1.0.19 – 12/6/2022

  • Fix: allow to copy sections from footer
  • Fix: fixed gutenberg corrupted layout in some cases

Version 1.0.18 – 9/9/2022

  • Fix: fixed copy section button not pressed

version 1.0.17 – 4/8/2022

  • Fix: done some more remarks – curl request

Version 1.0.16 – 4/6/2022

  • Fix: done some more remarks

Version 1.0.15 – 3/6/2022

  • Fix: fixed remarks

version 1.0.14 = 2022-06-01:

-first release of the plugin