Field Helper for Gravity Forms


Adds a settings page and REST API endpoint to retrieve human- and computer-friendly field names.

See for more documentation.

Looking to import Gravity Forms entries from your WordPress website into FileMaker?

Create nearly any form with Gravity Form’s drag-and-drop interface, and use this plugin to quickly import that form’s entry data to your FileMaker solution via fmFlare.


  • Create a Gravity Forms API key.
  • On each form, go to the Field Helper settings tab and set the friendly names for the fields you need.
  • Append /json to Gravity Forms’ form- or entry-related endpoints to get JSON field data.
  • Retrieve all entries:
  • Retrieve a specific entry:<entry_id>/json/
  • Retrieve all entries from a specific form:<form_id>/json/
  • Retrieve a specific entry from a specific form:<form_id>/entries/<entry_id>/json/

If you need to use the friendly field names in PHP (using the gform_after_submission hook, for instance), follow this example:


// Assuming $entry is a single form entry.
// You can retrieve an entry by id using GFAPI::get_entry( $id );
$entry_with_friendly_names = GF_Field_Helper_Common::replace_field_names( $entry );


  1. Install and activate this plugin.
  2. Create friendly field names on the form settings page:
  3. Use the API endpoints to retrieve entries.
    • The standard entry data is untouched.
    • All named fields are added to a fields object in each entry object.


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