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Push Monkey Pro – Web Push Notifications and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Push Monkey Pro – Web Push Notifications and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart


Send push notifications directly to your readers’ mobiles and desktops when new content is fresh from the oven.

Why Push Monkey?

Increased Engagement

Readers can be informed about your content at all times: when reading other websites or while working in other apps, with the browser closed. Even when the computer is not active – it displays all missed notifications the moment it wakes up. For Chrome, notifications can also include an image.


Your readers don’t have to install any additional apps or plugins. They just accept receiving notifications from your website and presto!

Granular Filtering

Easily decide and control for what type of content to send out notifications. Filter by custom post type and by category for standard posts. No content clutter around here!

Segmentation & Geolocation

Define segments of interest for your subscribers. This will allow you to know what your subscribers are interested in and where they are from so you can provide relevant notifications.


By default, push notifications are sent automatically when you publish a new post. This workflow doesn’t sound cool? No worries, we have a more granular filtering and custom push notifications.


The plugin provides essential usage and engagement data available directly in your WordPress dashboard so you can create the best experience for your subscribers.

Super fast setup. Zero coding required

Fast and easy to set up and no coding or API configuration required. The monkeys do all the pushing so you can focus on your content and readers.

WooCommerce Integration

Remind your visitors about abandoned carts with our WooCommerce integration.

No Monkey Business

Sending notifications on a big and reliable scale is not trivial, but our solid high-availability cloud back-end has already delivered millions of notifications…and it’s not stopping here.

Currently for Chrome 43 and above, Safari from OS X Mavericks (and newer) and Firefox 44 and above, Windows, MacOS and Android.

This plugin connects the WordPress API with the Push Monkey server (getpushmonkey.com) – server which actually delivers the notifications. An FREE account on getpushmonkey.com is required, no credit card needed. Don’t worry, you can setup an account faster than you can say ba-na-na.


  • The stats widget visible on the WordPress Dashboard
  • Granular Filtering of which post categories don’t send push notifications
  • Notification preview while editing a post
  • Define segments to provide more relevant notifications for your subscribers and see what they are interested in.


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • Permalinks enabled
  1. Upload the Push Monkey plugin to your blog (Or install it via the “Add New Plugin” option in your WordPress dashboard)

  2. Activate it

  3. Sign in with your Push Monkey account or create a new account. More info at: Push Monkey.

  4. Tell your readers about it 🙂


Automatic updates should work without any problems; If you do encounter any problems, please let us know.


Is Push Monkey Free?

Yes! All the Push Monkey features are free and you don’t need to pay until you reach a certain readership. At the moment, once you pass 100 subscribers, we would recommend upgrading to a payed tier. If not, you can still use Push Monkey, just no new subscribers will be registered.

Should I purchase a paid plan?

Only if the number of subscribers grows drastically.

I’ve installed the plugin, but something doesn’t seem to work

Pop us an email, write us a message on getpushmonkey.com or on live chat. We’re always happy to help.


November 22, 2019
First I love the platform. But when I needed help with some (really many) things, Kate from Push Monkey helped me (not a tech guy) with everything I asked. She was very patient and honestly really wanted to make sure I got it. So I recommend Push Monkey and Kate is AWESOME!!
October 22, 2018
Being using them for a few months already and very happy – really simple even for me who does not know HTML, great support and Pushmonkey is growing our subscribers far quicker than some of the other big push providers we have used Highly recommended
August 17, 2018
I was looking for a push plugin with Abandoned Cart for Woocommerce. PushMokey works fine. There is a free version up to 100 subscribers, thats enough for testing. It worths trying.
August 3, 2018
I was looking for a real good off the shelf push notification plugin and this did exactly what I was after with very prompt support.
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Contributors & Developers

“Push Monkey Pro – Web Push Notifications and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v 3.9

  • Upgrade service worker file.
  • Added action button support on the custom notification.

v 3.8

  • Remove HTTP/HTTPS setting

v 3.7

  • wp bakery conflicts resolved

v 3.6

  • Resolved service worker issues
  • WordPress compatibility check 5.6

v 3.5

  • Bug fixing

v 3.4

  • Bug fixing

v 3.3

  • Bug fixing

v 3.2

  • Bug fixing

v 3.1

  • Added Woocommerce support for Push Monkey
  • Fixed Service Worker bug
  • WordPress compatibility check 5.5
  • Fixed auto HTTPS issues on non http sites

v 2.2.5

*bug fixing

v 2.2.4

  • WordPress compatibility check 5.2.2

v 2.2.3

  • WordPress compatibility check 5.1.1

v 2.2.2

  • improved handling of gcm_sender_id

v 2.2.1

  • bug fixing

v 2.2.0

  • add settings to select on what pages should the permission dialog appear
  • strip shortcodes from notifications
  • bug fixing

v 2.1.5

  • bugfixing

v 2.1.4

  • rename plugin

v 2.1.3

  • bugfixing

v 2.1.2

  • bugfixing

v 2.1.1

  • bugfixing

v 2.1.0

  • update how HTTP and HTTPS websites are handled. Added more info.
  • allow users too disable the Abandoned Cart feature
  • CSS fixes
  • minor layout improvements
  • bugfixing

v 2.0.6

  • fix an issue with the service worker URL rewrite
  • show post types names as well as categories
  • description updates

v 2.0.5

  • fix some conflicts with the WooCommerce JavaScript
  • add new “Force Send” feature.
  • now added all categories from all the custom post types
  • general bugfixing

v 2.0.1

  • bugfixing

v 2.0.0

  • major redesign; now the settings pages are cleaner
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart feature
  • CSS bug fixing
  • new pricing model

v 1.7.1

  • allow futher customisation of permission dialog

v 1.7.0

  • geolocation
  • bugfixing

v 1.6.6

  • allow the forced usage of a subdomain

v 1.6.5

  • custom permission prompt now appears before the default browser one

v 1.6.3

  • bugfixing

v 1.6.2

  • bugfixing

v 1.6.1

  • new, shorter, subdomain for HTTP websites: snd.tc

v 1.6.0

  • bugfixing
  • new delivery system of push notifications

v 1.5.9

  • bugfixing

v 1.5.8

  • switch to new API endpoints

v 1.5.7

  • bugfixing

v 1.5.6

  • bugfixing

v 1.5.5

  • added a welcome notification to all subscribers
  • added ability to customise the welcome notification

v 1.5.0

  • include an image with the notifications (Chrome Only)

v 1.4.9

  • prepare a major feature

v 1.4.5

  • further bugfixing for PHP 5.3

v 1.4.4

  • bugfixing for PHP 5.3

v 1.4.3

  • bugfixing; loading segments failed sometimes

v 1.4.2

  • bugfixing for newer PHP versions

v 1.4.1

  • bugfixing

v 1.4.0

  • added segmentation
  • changed default colors

v 1.3.3

  • fix permalink bugs

v 1.3.2

  • fix notifications that don’t remain on the screen
  • other bug fixes

v 1.3.1

  • fix missing URL after update

v 1.3

  • major overhaul of the system and back-end. HTTPS is no longer required.

v 1.2

  • allow the customisation of the subscribe button

v 1.1.1

  • fix CSS on banner
  • remove banner on unsupported browsers

v 1.1

  • fix CSS conflicts
  • fix some missing banner positions
  • fix the rewrite rules

v 1.0.2

  • remove logging

v 1.0.1

  • fix layout issues
  • add some missing files

v 1.0

  • added Chrome integration
  • added Firefox integration
  • fixed some layout bugs
  • updated the subscription banners


  • fix CSS conflicts
  • test on WordPress 4.6.1


  • bugfixing: scheduled posts now send push notifications again.


  • update stats layout
  • added new “Notification Format” feature. You can now configure what the notification content is. Currently two options are available: Post title and Post body OR custom title and post title.


  • add option to disable CTA banners on homepage only, while being enabled on all other pages


  • fix PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • language adjusting


  • allow CTA Banner customisation of color and text


  • caching update
  • update Sign Up screen


  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing


  • remove shortcodes from Push Notification
  • fix double escaping of Custom Push Notifications
  • add Welcome Notice
  • fix notification before trial expires


  • display notification before trial plan expires


  • display notification when the trial plan expired


  • bugfix


  • fewer requests to Push Monkey API to improve page load speed
  • allow websites to upgrade the price plan
  • show notification for expired plans


  • CSS bugfixing for some WP Themes


  • banner improvements: remember users who disabled the banner, improved animations
  • you can now filter which custom post types send Desktop Push Notifications


  • more advanced granular filtering. You can now choose which custom post types send Safari Push Notifications


  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing

v 0.9.9

  • on-boarding workflow overhaul: now easier than ever. No more waiting. Account Key what?
  • layout update
  • code cleanup
  • bugfixing


  • bugfixing

v 0.9.8

  • bugfixing

v 0.9.7

  • bugfixing
  • UI updates
  • typos fixed

v 0.9.6

  • bugfixing

v 0.9.5

  • fix HTML tags in preview
  • fix conflict with TinyMCE Advanced

v 0.9.4

  • fix some tags that used required the PHP setting short_open_tag to be on

v 0.9.3

  • fix double usage of title
  • fix possible CSS overwrite

v 0.9.2

  • prepare assets and folder structure for WordPress.org SVN

v 0.9.1

  • replace iframes with API calls
  • reorganize code in classes

v 0.9

  • add confirmation for Custom Push Notification widget
  • minor code cleanup


  • add option to disable push notifications while editing a Post
  • add push notification preview while editing a Post
  • bugfix: cURL conflicts with safe_mode.
  • moved settings page to top level
  • test on WP 4.0

v 0.8.7

  • add dashboard widget for custom notifications

v 0.8.6

  • add menu page for configuring this plugin.
  • add option to exclude certain post categories from sending push notifications
  • visual tweaks

v 0.8.5

  • move the endpoint URL to a more generic location.

v 0.8.4

  • limit $post->post_type to ‘post’, to filter out pages.
  • test on WP 3.9.
  • add uninstall.php