YayCurrency – WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher


YayCurrency is a powerful WooCommerce Multi-Currency plugin that is feature-packed in a simplified user interface.


Introducing YayCurrency – the perfect solution for online stores that cater to international customers!

With this WooCommerce currency switcher, you can automatically convert prices from USD to your customers’ local currencies, so they always know how much they’re spending. No more guesswork or confusion – just accurate, up-to-date prices that match the current exchange rate.

Plus, YayCurrency is super easy to set up and use. Just install the plugin and choose which currencies you want to support – it’s that simple!

So why wait? Make your international customers happy with YayCurrency today!

It comes with advanced options that are readily configured via simple on/off switches.
Instead of showing the prices in a single currency, it allows your customers to change WooCommerce currency and choose the most convenient unit for them.


Sales Report
Integrated WooCommerce multi-currency analytics allow you to view your store performance based on currency. Once filtered, you will easily see your total sales, leaderboards, orders, and top products sold in each currency.

Price Ending
Round the converted prices to your desired threshold and make them end in target figures (such as .49, .79, .99, and so on). Psychological pricing made easy. You can run live test calculations to be sure your settings go right.

Multiple Currency Switcher Widgets
Display the currency switcher at your store’s optimal point.
Even when you’re already using various widgets of chatbox, contact button, or other theme widgets, you still can find a sweet spot for the currency converter.

Switchable During Checkout
Allow switching currency during checkout and purchase transactions based on the local supported payment methods.

Switcher on Product Pages
Show the currency switcher dropdown next to Add to cart button on WooCommerce product pages, and other popups where your single product appears including Quickview, filters, etc.

Customize Currency Display
You can customize currency unit by choosing symbol or code, display the currency switcher before or after the short description, use shortcode to output the currency converter at your desired position, and more.


Unlimited Currencies
It supports all currency units in the world including Bitcoin (BTC). You can add as many as you need.

Price Based on Country
Auto-detect the customer’s IP address and show the product prices in their local currency. You don’t have to config anything as GeoIP services are readily built-in.

Accept Checkout Payments in Different Currencies
Based on your settings for each local currency, the order can be placed in the currency chosen by the user. And the product prices are also displayed in the selected currency in order confirmation email templates.

Auto-Update Exchange Rate
Exchange rates are automatically updated on custom regular intervals and can also be manually forced.


YayCurrency works seamlessly with all native WooCommerce payment methods.
Using Direct bank transfer, Check payments, Cash on delivery, PayPal Standard, or Stripe payment gateway? We got you covered!

  • Choose your default currency in WooCommerce > Settings > Currency options.
  • Then click on Configure multi-currency to start adding other currencies.
  • When a new currency is added, it takes on the base WooCommerce default currency format including currency symbol position, thousand separator, decimal separator, and number of decimals.
  • Then you can localize each currency by changing the formatting options in the currency’s drawer panel.

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Global Brands
Want to reach out to your nation’s neighbor or sister countries? Guess what, they’ll definitely love to see your products in their national currency. Why not send them a tailored catalogue now?

Dropshipping Business
So you’re connecting the manufacturers and the end customers? Just start off by selling internationally.

Digital Products
Downloadable and bookable products have a borderless sales potential. Unleash it.

YayCurrency works with all major B2B, wholesale, and quote request plugins. Try it.

Just a Startup in Progress?
No worries, try out YayCurrency free version. It is the most beginner- and startup-friendly plugin in the world of WordPress.


Here are known WooCommerce plugins that YayCurrency Pro can be integrated to:

  • Stripe For WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Product Add-ons
  • Name Your Price
  • Table Rate Shipping plugin
  • WooCommerce Per Product Shipping plugin
  • PayPal Payments
  • PeachPay
  • Pay for Payment for WooCommerce
  • WP Grid Builder Caching
  • CartFlows
  • JetSmartFilters
  • WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label
  • WooCommerce Custom Product Addons
  • Woo Cart Product module of Divi theme
  • B2BKing for WooCommerce
  • WPML
  • Polylang

Happy Switching! 💛


  • Display the currency switcher on WooCommerce product pages
  • Customize currency exchange rate and conversion fee
  • Select multiple currency units, preview, drag and drop to reorder them
  • Configure currency formats
  • Checkout permission for different payment methods and currencies


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Currency Switcher - YayCurrency


  1. Download the plugin from wordpress.org
  2. From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and upload the yaycurrency.zip file
  3. Install and activate it
  4. After activating, you don’t need to fill in any license, just go to WooCommerce > YayCurrency to manage multiple currencies and currency switcher
  5. To see the Sales report, go to Analytics > Overview and pick a currency from the dropdown
  6. To show a currency switcher widget, go to Appearance > Widgets and add the YayCurrency widget to your desired position such as header, footer, main sidebar, WooCommerce sidebar, product sidebar, and so on
  7. To display the currency switcher on WooCommerce product pages, to go YayCurrency > Display Options > Show on single product page.


I got issues. How can I get support?

Please create a topic or contact us to get help. We’re sure to resolve the glitch!
To quickly get the answers, please attach screenshots of currently active WooCommerce plugins on your website.

Will this plugin charge customers in the default store-based currency?

YayCurrency Pro comes with a feature to allow you to accept checkout payments in local currencies. By enabling this multi-currency checkout, you allow your customers to pay in the currency they have chosen.

Can I display currency code in place of currency symbol on the site?

Yes, you can fully customize how the currency display using flag, currency name, currency code, currency symbol, etc. in the currency switcher’s display options.

Is YayCurrency GDPR-compliant?

A big yes, this plugin is compliant with GDPR. It collects no sensitive information.


November 15, 2022
Very usefull plugin, easy to configure on a woocommerce installation. And the support team is really really good ! I definitly recommand this plugin !
November 8, 2022
I had an issue with the plugin and the Woocommerce Deposit plugin and OMG this support is fantastic. They answered fast, ask all the details and within a day the issue was fixed! So they do deserve the 5 STARS!
September 21, 2022 1 reply
Seems like a really handy and simple plugin, and so far have not found incompatibilities even though I have some bit more complex ecom stores. The support took their time to not just answer but fix my issues, so very happy to be their client!
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Contributors & Developers

“YayCurrency – WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Sep 8, 2022 – Version 1.8.8

  • Fixed: UI

Aug 27, 2022 – Version 1.8.7

  • Improved: Get exchange rate from API
  • Improved: Admin UI

Aug 23, 2022 – Version 1.8.6

  • Fixed: Compatible with WP Grid Builder Caching plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with Name Your Price for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Display wrong default currency on store when turn off Auto Select Currency by Countries
  • Fixed: Shipping fee not display
  • Fixed: Some small bugs

Aug 9, 2022 – Version 1.8.5

  • Fixed: Currency switcher in Single Product Page not working
  • Fixed: Error in Order details page

Aug 4, 2022 – Version 1.8.4

  • Fixed: Error without WooCommerce
  • Fixed: Compatible with JetSmartFilters plugin
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs
  • Improved: Optimize code

Jul 20, 2022 – Version

  • Fixed: Error when activated

Jul 18, 2022 – Version 1.8.3

  • Added: Loader to currency switcher
  • Added: Dropdown to filter orders based on currency in WooCommerce Analytics > Orders
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce Custom Product Addons plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with HivePress plugin
  • Fixed: Only load enable payment methods in Admin UI
  • Fixed: Wrong payment methods of default currency when turn off Checkout in different currency
  • Improved: Notice for disabled payment methods in Admin UI
  • Improved: Display currency switcher as a menu item without laggy

Jul 12, 2022 – Version 1.8.2

  • Fixed: Compatible with Woo Cart Product module of Divi theme
  • Fixed: Compatible with B2BKing for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce Product Addons plugin
  • Fixed: Wrong variation product price when all variations have same price and turn on Fixed Product Price for Each Currency

Jul 1, 2022 – Version 1.8.1

  • Fixed: Wrong number decimals of default currency
  • Improved: Notice when the Save button is disabled
  • Improved: Responsive Admin UI
  • Improved: Performance

Jun 15, 2022 – Version 1.8.0

  • Fixed: Compatible with Bookly plugin (Thanks to @jmzolezzi and Bookly team)

Jun 09, 2022 – Version 1.7.9

  • Added: Fixed price for each currency per product
  • Added: Compatible with Bookly plugin
  • Added: Compatible with WP Grid Builder plugin
  • Improved: UI
  • Fixed: Missing converted price after VAT Tax price when turn off Checkout in different currency
  • Fixed: Empty switcher when activating YayCurrency but not add any currency except default one

Mar 18, 2022 – Version 1.7.8

  • Fixed: Compatible with Flexible Shipping plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with YayPricing plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with Printful Integration for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with CartFlows plugin

Mar 11, 2022 – Version 1.7.7

  • Fixed: Return to default currency when can’t detect country from IP
  • Fixed: Compatible with CartFlows plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with Pay for Payment for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with YayPricing
  • Fixed: Compatible with YayExtra

Feb 25, 2022 – Version 1.7.6

  • Fixed: Wrong product subscription name when using with Loco Translate plugin; wrong subtotal, total in cart, checkout in WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Fixed: Compatible with Price by Country plugin
  • Fixed: Error with order total in WooCommerce Order list and Order email

Feb 11, 2022 – Version 1.7.5

  • Added: Option to display currency symbol or currency code
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin (error when creating notes)
  • Fixed: Compatible with Betheme theme
  • Fixed: Compatible with Add Custom Fee to WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Conversion error when using Free shipping method for a large order
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Jan 30, 2022 – Version 1.7.4

  • Added: Support Advanced Product Fields Pro for WooCommerce plugin

Jan 25, 2022 – Version 1.7.3

  • Added: Support WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with B2B Wholesale Suite plugin
  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin
  • Fixed: Include/exclude tax for subtotal of cart item based on site’s setttings

Jan 17, 2022 – Version 1.7.2

  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.1.0

Jan 7, 2022 – Version 1.7.1

  • Fixed: Compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Dec 31, 2021 – Version 1.7

  • Fixed: UI
  • Fixed: Subtotal VAT in cart item
  • Fixed: Duplicated default currency in admin
  • Fixed: PHPCS

Dec 29, 2021 – Version 1.6.9

  • Added: Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin
  • Fixed: Buy now link

Dec 20, 2021 – Version 1.6.8

  • Added: Display switcher before or after short description in single product page
  • Added: Compatible with YITH Gift Cards plugin

Dec 10, 2021 – Version 1.6.7

  • Added: Currency code for currencies using the same symbol $ in admin preview
  • Updated: File .pot
  • Fixed: Error in themes with skeleton loading
  • Fixed: Break site when deactivate WooCommerce plugin

Nov 5, 2021 – Version 1.6.6

  • Added: Currency code for those using the same symbol $
  • Fixed: Subtotal display in Minicart
  • Fixed: Return using default currency when not found selected currency

Oct 26, 2021 – Version 1.6.5

  • Fixed: Compatible with Table Rate Shipping plugin
  • Fixed: Not sync currency in switcher with currency on site when entering the site at the first time and turn off Auto select currency by countries option
  • Fixed: Add friendly notice when using WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway/ WooCommerce PayPal Payments and disable Checkout in different currency option

Oct 15, 2021 – Version 1.6.4

  • Fixed: Compatible with Woocommerce Per Product Shipping plugin
  • Fixed: Incorrect information in Subscription products
  • Fixed: Subscription manual renewal
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Oct 8, 2021 – Version 1.6.3

  • Added: Types for Rate of currency (Auto and Fixed)
  • Fixed: Preview in custom rounding prices
  • Fixed: PayPal payment when turn off Checkout in different currency option
  • Fixed: Symbol currency in Order email when using Paypal
  • Fixed: Symbol currency in Orders of user My Account page

Oct 4, 2021 – Version 1.6.2

  • Added: Skeleton loading
  • Added: Support WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin
  • Optimized: Switcher width
  • Fixed: Shipping fee in Checkout Page
  • Fixed: Decrease font size for text in switcher when choosing small size
  • Fixed: Switcher and icon on menu
  • Fixed: Some bugs

Sep 13, 2021 – Version 1.6.1

  • Fixed: Arrow point up in Footer Switcher

Fixed: Products sale

Fixed: Small bugs

Sep 10, 2021 – Version 1.6

  • Added: Option to enable flag, name, currency symbol, currency code
  • Added: Switcher sizes (Small, Medium)
  • Added: Support WooCommerce Product Addons plugin
  • Added: Switcher size for Menu, Widget
  • Added: Support both Gutenberg and Classic Widget
  • Fixed: Arrow in Switcher
  • Fixed: PHPCS
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Aug 24, 2021 – Version 1.5

  • Fixed: Payment with PayPal (Validation error)
  • Fixed: Error with Sale price when switching currency

Aug 9, 2021 – Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed: Payment with Stripe

Aug 5, 2021 – Version 1.4

  • Fixed: Support Divi Theme

Aug 05, 2021 – Version 1.4

  • Added: Support Divi theme
  • Improved: Code
  • Fixed: Some small bugs

Jun 18, 2021 – Version 1.3

  • Added: WooCommerce Subscriptions supported (PRO)
  • Added: Drag and drop to sort currency
  • Added: Custom rounding and price ending options
  • Added: Test amount
  • Added: Preview currency formats
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: UI
  • Fixed: Multi-Currency Report
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Fixed: Change default currency
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Fixed: Currency format in emails
  • Fixed: Currency symbol in order
  • Fixed: Variable price
  • Fixed: Shipping and coupon issues when change currency


  • Version 1.0 Initial Release