Getting Started

El directorio de temas de WordPress es utilizado por millones de usuarios de WordPress en todo el mundo. Los temas en el directorio están disponibles para descargar desde, y los usuarios de WordPress también pueden instalarlos directamente desde sus pantallas de administración.

By hosting your theme on, you’ll get:

The goal of the theme directory isn’t to host every theme in the world, it’s to host the best open source WordPress themes around. Themes hosted on pass on the same user freedoms as WordPress itself; this means that they are 100% GPL or compatible.

Guidelines & Resources

To ensure that WordPress users are guaranteed a good experience, every theme in the directory is reviewed by the theme review team. Please review the guidelines before uploading your theme.

Themes from sites that support non-GPL (or compatible) themes or that don’t meet with the theme review guidelines will not be approved.

Your theme will be reviewed using the Theme Unit Test data. Before uploading your theme please test it with this sample export data.

Further resources for theme developers can be found in the Theme Developer Handbook.

Para preguntas sobre el desarrollo del tema, por favor use el Foro de Tema y Plantillas

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